Alarm Monitoring

Why Have Monitoring?

  • What happens when your alarm goes off?

  • Who is going to check your business and make it safe?

  • Who is going to check when you’re away?

  • What happens in an emergency?


Unfortunately, the crime rate is rising in Auckland. At Act Alarms we are strong believers in monitoring your alarm, as part of your security, to help keep your staff and your business safe & secure.


What is Monitoring and How Does it Work?

If your alarm is triggered by an intruder or fire, a signal is sent via the phone line or cellular network, to a team of operators at a Monitoring Station. They identify the situation and respond accordingly. This is a 24 hour, 7 days a week service! For example:-


Intruder Detection

  1. Alarm detects intruder!

  2. Monitoring company phones your premises and if no answer, then your mobile.

  3. If no response, a guard is sent to your business.

  4. Guard checks your premises are secure.

  5. If there is a break in, they notify the Monitoring Station & stand guard until you arrive.

  6. Monitoring Station notify you of break-in.